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What is Clubhouse App?

by Andrew Marketing, Strategy

You may have heard about it, you might even have joined, but you may still be wondering, what is Clubhouse?

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by Andrew

A Digital founder Andrew Armitage has recently completed a book which will be published in the Spring. Here he shares some of the things he's learned from the challenge of writing a book.

Nina 2020 10 21 115207

by Nina

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Google decided to give us all a heads up on the future algorithm update and what it entails… that way you can adjust your website so your traffic doesn’t take a hit when the update comes into play.

Nina 2020 10 21 115207

by Nina Craft CMS

The negative impacts of breached website security can be immense no matter the size of a business. By some estimates, it is believed that about 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day.

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by Dean Marketing

Are Web Stories about to become part of your SEO strategy?

Nina 2020 10 21 115207

by Nina Marketing, Strategy

Let's talk effective social media strategies and how you need to adapt yours to each social platform to ensure you make an impact.

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by Matt Craft CMS, eCommerce, Code

An honest look into some weaknesses in a site we've built, exposed by the perfect storm of situations. We set the scene and describe how we fixed it.

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by Andrew A Digital

A Digital are excited to launch a new media and podcast studio to support our clients and give businesses the opportunity to start their own podcast.

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by Laura Craft CMS

What do you do when your clients keep uploading massive files to their website, killing the server? When working with Craft CMS, there is an easy solution.

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by Dean eCommerce

Google Shopping is changing - what’s in it for retailers, shoppers and Google?

Dean profile

by Dean

Here's some quick actionable updates you can make to your Google My Business Listing during lockdown.