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Bespoke websites with Craft CMS

Widely acknowledged for putting your content first and known for making it easy to publish your content, Craft CMS will open up new opportunities for your website to sit at the heart of your digital ecosystem.

What is Craft CMS?

It's fast, it's flexible and it looks absolutely stunning as well. You'll love what you hear and even more importantly, what you see. Craft CMS is a lightweight, extendable, and a beautifully designed CMS that puts your content first.

With intuitive features to help you easily manage and organise your content, Craft CMS will save you time through its superior and accessible publishing experience for content authors. You'll also enjoy a low total cost of ownership (TCO) with regular security enhancements and a simple update process.

Clients love using Craft CMS to manage their websites and we're confident our considerable experience from building with the platform will be beneficial to your project.

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Craft CMS Features

  • Commercial open source content management system
  • Choose from hundreds of professionally written plugins
  • Content versioning and workflows
  • Multi-lingual and multi-site configuration
  • Asset manager
  • Built in image editor
  • Complete freedom for your information architecture
  • Regular feature and security enhancements
  • Superior and accessible author experience
  • Extensive form options and CRM integrations
  • Realtime content live preview
  • User management
  • Deliver content via APIs to create a headless CMS
  • Comprehensive eCommerce options
  • No pre-conditions for design or coding approach
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

A CMS that grows and scales with your business

As your business grows, Craft CMS can be extended to meet your own specific requirements with an extensive range of commercial plugins. Or if you need something more specific, custom plugins will open up new possibilities for the site to provide unique features for your customers, or extend connections across your business tech-stack.

Whether you develop a small add-on or create an entirely bespoke solution, Craft's flexible architecture will let you achieve your goals with minimal efforts and maximum results.

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Projects we love built on Craft CMS

These are some of our favourite projects built on Craft CMS.

Hawkshead relish

Hawkshead Relish

An award winning eCommerce experience for artisan chutney and relish producer Hawkshead Relish.

Windermere lake cruises

Windermere Lake Cruises

A heavily customised eCommerce and order management system for one of the UK's most popular visitor attractions.

James clay

James Clay

Trade eCommerce integrated with Merlin ERP software for sales order processing, contact management and stock.

Questions about Craft CMS

Quite simply, flexibility. But there are a number of reasons why we believe Craft CMS offers a superior platform on which to build your website. In fact, we want as many businesses as possible to experience the benefits of Craft CMS, so why don’t you get in touch for a free demonstration below.

No. While the code is open source, using it does require a licence for each installation. The initial licence costs $299 and includes all updates for the first 12 months. After this period elapses, you can optionally maintain access to all ongoing updates for an annual renewal of $59.

Yes, we've migrated many websites to Craft CMS. We can import content from your old site into Craft (although we'd always suggest an audit at this point would be useful) and maintain the current look and feel of the site if your goal is to make your website easier to manage.

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Migrating to Craft CMS

If you're finding managing your website content cumbersome and time consuming, migrating to Craft CMS will inspire your team and save you time.

Our team have migrated over 20 websites to Craft CMS from platforms including ExpressionEngine, WordPress and Joomla. Whether you need to migrate your website content or start afresh, our approach to migrating your website to Craft CMS will ensure your search engine rankings are safeguarded and you'll quickly enjoy the benefits of this flexible platform as it supports this exciting stage of your digital strategy.

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Specialist UK-based Craft CMS Developers

As one of the first UK-based official Craft CMS partners, we've spent time to build up a deep understanding of the platform enabling us to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

With an active and collaborative developer community made up of agencies and freelancers across the world, backed up by the peace of mind provided by direct vendor support, you can feel confident in the breadth of knowledge that exists to quickly solve any particular project challenges.

We've also sponsored and spoken at the Craft CMS developer conference and our team has built and provide support for a number of published plugins.

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Looking for the technical details about Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is commercial open source software developed by Pixel & Tonic. Built on proven fast and secure open source PHP frameworks like Yii and Twig, choosing Craft CMS avoids the risk and potential high cost of ownership from a proprietary content management system. Websites built on Craft CMS also tend to be much more inconspicuous to cyber-threats, carrying a much lower profile compared to more widely adopted platforms such as Wordpress.

You can view all the features of this outstanding platform on the Craft CMS website. If you've a more technical interest in how Craft is built, you'll find the Craft CMS code repository hosted on Github.