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The Clientside Podcast

The Clientside podcast is a regular talk show hosted by digital agency founder Andrew Armitage. Each episode offers insights and discussions for those working “clientside” to expand their knowledge of digital marketing, strengthening the impact they can have in their job roles.

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Podcast Episodes

Stephen Thorlby-Coy

48 min Stephen Thorlby-Coy

"Tech and change have always been my passion", declares Hospice UK's digital supremo Stephen Thorlby-Coy. In this podcast he talks to A Digital's Andrew Armitage about why he loves using a…

Frank Fenten

54 min Frank Fenten

Frank Fenten, digital director at Manchester-based Dinosaur advertising agency, has worked as a content producer, written code, managed digital products, and – in his current role at Dinos…

Nic Jones

35 min Nic Jones

Andrew speaks to Nic Jones, an e-commerce and online marketing specialist with over 20 years experience, both agency and client side. Over the years he's worked on both large e-commerce de…

Michael Jervis

36 min Michael Jervis

Andrew speaks to Michael Jervis, head of digital at e-commerce retailer Mattress Online. He leads all the company's technology implementations as well as digital marketing efforts in conte…

Dan Suttle Cyber Lens

45 min Dan Suttle

Andrew speaks to Dan Suttle about cyber security. In this episode they talk about the role of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), why maintaining software and applying security …


41 min Ethan Golding

Our first episode of 2022! Andrew talks to Ethan about the growth of TikTok. Ethan is just 23 and has set up is own agency in just 6 months. While Ethan’s agency is just 6 months old, like…

Thumb project File

46 min Angelo Ponzi

Angelo Ponzi has extensive, practical, hands-on experience in marketing, branding, advertising, research, and sales. He has worked in a multitude of industry segments and brand categories …

Tom Martin

45 min Tom Martin

Tom Martin is certified by YouTube as an expert in both audience growth and digital rights. He has led the YouTube strategy for some of the world's largest and most successful media compan…

Neal Schaffer Profile Picture

43 min Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is the founder of the digital marketing consultancy PDCA Social and the author of four books, including his most recent "The age of influence", a ground-breaking book redefin…

Full ai 500 500 Claire Whittaker

41 min Claire Whittaker

Claire Whittaker is a business systems and automation coach and the founder Artificially Intelligent Consulting. Claire's vision is to change the way people are working in a way that prior…