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Andrew recording podcast

The Clientside Podcast

The Clientside podcast is a regular talk show hosted by digital agency founder Andrew Armitage. Each episode offers insights and discussions for those working “clientside” to expand their knowledge of digital marketing, strengthening the impact they can have in their job roles.

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Podcast Episodes

36 min

Following our last episode on digital skills, in the absence of a guest for this episode, Andrew Armitage follows up by talking about the skills that he feels every digital marketer (or ar…

Veronica Swindale Nesma

50 min Veronica Swindale ,

Andrew Armitage is joined by Veronica Swindale, the MD of the North East Sales and Marketing Academy (NESMA) to talk about the digital skills gap in digital and marketing based roles. In t…

33 min ,

Website maintenance and security is something that can be overlooked as it's often one of those things that is out of sight, out of mind. However, websites are surrounded by an environment…

35 min ,

After being taken aback by a conversation that included the sentence 'we've done the SEO', we talk about why Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing activity and will never be 'done'. In …

Jenna profile

30 min Jenna Vernon ,

Influencer marketing hit the headlines early in 2019 following the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival. But while influencer marketing has been around for a while, its often seen as the pres…

22 min ,

A Digital's paid search expert Dean Duffield joins Andrew Armitage to talk about planning and preparing for a paid search campaign. There's little point in simply setting up a few ads and …