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Professional bespoke Craft CMS Plugins

Get more from your Craft CMS website with custom plugins specific to your business or software integration requirements.

Custom Plugin Development for Craft CMS

Although Craft CMS offers a versatile platform that makes a great foundation for websites of all types, the ability to tailor Craft CMS by creating custom plugins is one of its core strengths.

Adding custom plugins to Craft takes advantage of the underlying core functions within the system giving access to features including user accounts, templating and even the control panel itself. Plugins also allow us as developers to retain the native look and feel of the control panel making them easy for content publishers and website managers to use, often without the need for any extra training.

In addition to having a selection of published plugins on the Craft CMS plugin store, we've written many more custom plugins that are specific to individual client projects. Each of these brings a new level of capability to their website without impacting on the underlying code or database that could block their future upgrade path.

Craft CMS Plugins by A Digital

Craft Integrates with Popular Services Including

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Pay Pal
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Our Craft CMS Case Studies

These case studies have all involved heavy customisation of Craft CMS with bespoke plugins created to extend the core features of Craft CMS.

James clay case study link

James Clay

The website for James Clay & Sons integrates with their warehouse inventory platform called Merlin. This includes contact management and stock control with eCommerce.

Windermere case study

Windermere Lake Cruises

A heavily customised eCommerce and order management system for one of the UK's most popular visitor attractions.



The Burnetts website uses a number of custom Craft CMS plugins to provide a fully editable redundancy calculator and conveyancing calculator.

Talk to us about Customising Craft CMS

Our team can write custom plugins for Craft CMS that connect to third party services, external databases and applications.