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Integrating External Database Connections

by Matt Craft CMS, Code

Exploring database connection methods in CraftCMS and Yii. We connect to a Microsoft Azure database and show examples of how we can handle the data in a number of different ways between our plugin code and templates

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by Matt Craft CMS, Code

When connecting to enterprise systems we need to return the most recent data, this means we can't use caching but we end up with a slow loading page as a result. In this article we explain how to improve the speed whilst keeping the data fresh.

Nina 2020 10 21 115207

by Nina Craft CMS

The negative impacts of breached website security can be immense no matter the size of a business. By some estimates, it is believed that about 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day.

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by Matt Craft CMS, eCommerce, Code

An honest look into some weaknesses in a site we've built, exposed by the perfect storm of situations. We set the scene and describe how we fixed it.

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by Laura Craft CMS

What do you do when your clients keep uploading massive files to their website, killing the server? When working with Craft CMS, there is an easy solution.

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by Andrew Events, Craft CMS

Join our free webinar on using Craft CMS for Content Managers on 24 March

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by Matt Strategy, Craft CMS, eCommerce, Projects

Integrating your website with your business critical systems can be complex, but the rewards are greater efficiency and improved customer interactions.

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by Andrew Craft CMS, A Digital

A Digital were finalists in 3 categories for the Northern Dev Awards which took place at Manchester Hall on 25 February 2020

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by Mark Craft CMS, Code

Using Redis for higher availability is great, but there is a potential pitfall.

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by Andrew Craft CMS

Andrew Armitage shares the key things to consider when migrating a website to a new platform.

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by Andrew Strategy, Craft CMS

Craft CMS offers plenty of flexibility to integrate with a variety of cloud based apps and services. Andrew Armitage looks back at some of the integrations A Digital have built on some recent Craft CMS projects.