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Bespoke website design

Create conversations and drive conversions with a truly bespoke digital asset, designed for your business and the way you work and meeting the expectations of the most demanding audiences.

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Design. Content. Conversions.

We specialise in bespoke websites for businesses. We don't believe in off-the-shelf because a site that's been designed for another industry with no understanding of your business and your goals, can't possibly be a good fit.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh an existing site, our team will work with you to create a digital asset that perfectly fits your business and the way you work.

Combining proven best practice with the latest technology and design trends, our websites are built on a robust framework with mobile-friendly responsive design built-in.

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What can you expect from a bespoke website build?

Every business is unique; even more so when you look beyond their products and services and consider how they work and how they can implement their growth strategy.

A bespoke website from A Digital will give you:

  • A reliable and trusted digital partner
  • No limitations on design or development
  • A website built under our own roof, with no offshore outsourcing
  • Access to our specialist team who will work alongside you to achieve the right look and feel for your site
  • Ongoing coaching and development for your team so you can make your own decisions
  • Websites that are built to last, driving businesses improvement and growth
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Recent bespoke website projects


Burnetts Solicitors

A refreshed website build on a long standing relationship with one of Cumbria's leading law firms.


International School of Mountaineering

A fabulous platform to showcase stunning imagery from mountain expeditions across the globe.

Lavin estates

Lavin Estates

Showcasing incredible properties for sale in the Balearic Islands, this multi-lingual website features content in English, German and Swedish.

Website Migrations

Are you considering migrating your website to a new Content Management System (CMS)?

Migrating a website can be a headache. From code updates to plugin compatibility, link redirects to schema mark-up, there are a lot of moving parts. Add in the importance of safeguarding your search engine rankings and you can see why you need experienced specialists to help you.

Our team of website migration specialists will guide you through the migration process, helping you to understand your options so your website is not just upgraded to a new CMS, but works more effectively and creates more opportunities than ever before.

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Praise from our Clients

“It takes a huge amount of skill and experience to make something so complex appear so simple and effortless; A Digital rose to the challenge and I am immensely happy with the final result.”

Jeremy Tankard
Jeremy Tankard Typography

Questions about bespoke website design

A bespoke brochure style website will typically start from around £10,000 (or around $13,000). Depending on the functionality required, projects can range up to around £30,000 (or $40,000). We also have indicative costs for bespoke eCommerce website development as well.

'Compared to what?', we'd ask. But honestly, it's because we're specialists in building bespoke websites and we've seen what can come out of the woodwork when we start asking questions about your business and strategy. Sure, there are cheaper ways to get a website, but we'll probably see you again here soon.

Well you can, but we don't. The customer journey these days is complex, and while great online experiences are often the simplest to use, like writing a short letter they take time to create. Templates are designed to be a one size fits all, and we wouldn't mind betting there'll be something unique about your business that a ready-made template would fail to capture.

No, sorry we can't. There are lots of website platforms out there but popularity doesn't always mean the best choice. Think of all those free and abandoned WordPress sites for neighbourhood watch groups and personal blogs which skew the usage figures that WordPress dines out on.

We've chosen to specialise in Craft CMS for various reasons, but this also means you can feel confident that your exacting requirements can be securely implemented to achieve outstanding results.

If you were hoping to have something up and running in the next few weeks, then we're afraid you'll be disappointed. We normally suggest somewhere between 2 - 4 months for a typical corporate website, but of course it depends on what you need the site do for you. We'll usually spend the first 3 - 4 weeks going through our process called Going the Distance (or what other agencies call 'discovery') so we have a clear plan that considers everything going on in your business.

Err, no. We'll be collaborating with you and your team, so you'll need to dedicate some time to supporting the project. We'll ask challenging questions, look for constructive feedback and most of all, a strong aspiration to make the website a fantastic success.

Are you ready to build a bespoke website?

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Are you a creative agency looking for a developer partnership?

We know there are plenty of fantastic creative-led agencies who need to support their clients in the digital space but who might not have the technical capability to deliver advanced solutions. We’ve worked collaboratively with other agencies for several years and thrive off the benefits this can offer clients.

We can bring a strong consultative and technical perspective at any stage of your project, building websites and applications with Craft CMS and other development frameworks.

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Award winning eCommerce Websites

Bespoke online shopping experience built around your business objectives and traffic strategy.

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Custom Development and Integrations

You know that a great design only tells half the story. Custom development will take your digital operation to the next level.

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