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Strategy Planning Workshops

Experience one of our Going the Distanceā„¢ workshops as a stand alone planning activity with your team, or use this to kickstart your next website project.

Digital Strategy Workshops

Conducted remotely, in-person, or even across multiple cities and timezones, our digital marketing strategy workshops are designed to bridge the divide between 'sound bites' and real results. We'll challenge your perspectives to ensure we've all the detail we need to set you goals and provide guidance on how you can make the most of your time and budget.

Rather than guessing at what will and won't work for you, these workshops will follow our Going the Distanceā„¢ method will help you understand and use the right tools and channels to engage your audience on every device.

From outreach campaigns to improving customer service, covering everything from strategy to making sure you're making the best of your technology stack, you'll leave with a clear, measurable action plan.

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Why a website workshop is so important

Andrew Armitage talks about why starting your website with a joint workshop is so valuable to the success of the project.

Short Distance Workshop

Are you ready to start building an effective digital strategy for your business, but donā€™t know where to begin? This Short Distance Workshop will provide you with the building blocks needed to create a successful digital strategy.

Spread across two 4-hour sessions for you and your team, we'll focus on the key areas that organisations find difficult - how users behave, new trends in user behaviours and where to invest time resources and budget for great ideas.

Short Distance workshop Ā£995

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Long Distance Workshop

If you're considering a larger investment in your digital platform or need to consult with internal stakeholders, then our Long Distance Workshops are spread over 3 or 4 weeks, allowing for internal discussion and feedback in-between sessions.

These workshops will allow you to identify and define your goals, understand your audience and target market, identify your key messages and develop ideas for new website features and functionality.

There'll be opportunities to talk about product, positioning, software and how your website can impact the wider business, leaving you with an action plan for us to progress between us, or that you can use to work with your in-house team or other agency.

Long Distance workshop Ā£2995

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Strategy workshop

Clients we've worked with

Morecambe Bay Partnership
James Cropper plc.
Brathay Challenges
James Clay and Sons
Hawkshead Relish
Windermere Lake Cruises

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Ask us about a workshop for your team

If you're considering a new website or digital project, speak to us about a discovery workshop to help you share your ideas and get your team on the same page.