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Clubhouse app on iphone

What is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is the latest social media platform to hit the mainstream over recent weeks and suddenly everyone is talking about it. Not least because the app is currently in beta release, so access is by invitation only. It’s also currently only available on Apple iOS, so if you’re an Android user, then I’m afraid it’s going to take a little longer for you to get through the door.

So as I hear your sigh at the thought of another social media platform, lets take a quick look at what it is. Like others that have gone before it, Clubhouse connects people; but it’s the first audio-based social network. We’ve had micro-blogging on Twitter, photo sharing on just about all of them, groups and communities on Facebook, live chat and messaging services and of course video on YouTube. So does the world need another social network?

Well, if said network has found a way to do something differently, then naturally, it’s a gap that will be filled.

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An Audio Based Social Network

Like other social networks, Clubhouse allows you to follow other people. You can search for users and clubs (basically groups) and drop in to join conversations or start one of your own. Members can host their own chats and anyone on the platform is free to join (although not necessarily contribute - for that, the host will need to invite you).

For businesses, Clubhouse has the potential to be a bit like TED Talks on tap. Or a non-stop stream of live podcasts. It’s not that we don’t have that already with the vast array of podcasts on demand from Apple, Google and Spotify, but there’s something special about being able to join the conversation.

Having joined my first event today, I was pleased to know I entered the room on mute, so it doesn’t become a free for all as everyone tries to get their voice heard. You can raise your hand to speak, and the host will invite you to the stage as it were. You can invite other people you follow to join you in a room and if the content isn’t for you, then you can leave quietly without drawing attention to yourself (unless of course it’s a particularly small event).

No one should be surprised about the timing of Clubhouse being released. After a year when Zoom became a household name and as podcast listening went through the roof, suddenly we’re all more comfortable about interacting in realtime groups online. Plus, most business owners will have missed the in-person networking that so far I’ve yet to see effectively replaced online.

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First Impressions of Clubhouse App

I’ve only been in Clubhouse for a mere 24 hours, but from what I’ve seen so far, there’s huge potential for businesses to create an audience here. Right now, there’s a buzz about it being the next big thing, and the exclusive member list only adds to the intrigue. There’s no means to record content within the app, so jumping in and out rooms could soon take up quite a bit of your time. But like webinars that have gone before, it’s possible to schedule presentations and chats, and the opportunity to be invited to participate as an upgrade from just being an attendee is certainly appealing.

Like with other social networks, building an audience might take time and the obvious place to start is by finding and following key people of influence in your sector who may already be members. Creating your own events is easy and this will naturally provide an opportunity to gain new followers as people can set their areas of interest during the registration process.

Clubhouse screenshots

Clubhouse App is currently only available on iOS.

Is Clubhouse any good for Businesses?

For companies and brands that like to be more controlled about their content output, getting going on Clubhouse might mean throwing some caution to the wind. The impromptu nature of starting a room and inviting other people to participate and contribute (the latter of which is optional of course) may be unnerving as who knows what direction the conversation may take. But therein lies the fun and interest to this platform. I’ve little doubt there’s huge potential for people from all walks of life to mix and share ideas and build new communities. Entrepreneurs too will mix with investors and there will be new products and ideas that were first thought of following a Clubhouse conversation, guaranteed.

So it looks fun and well-worth giving a go. It’s early days of course but as the audience grows and the app becomes available to Android users, Clubhouse looks like it will be an interesting place to hang out. With the value of Clubhouse reportedly already in the region of $100m, there’s plenty of opportunity in front of the team to develop the platform well beyond the current beta status.

How Do I Join the Club

At the moment, you can register your username on Clubhouse but you’ll need an invitation to be bumped up the queue. I might happen to have a spare, so if you’re quick enough and given that you've read this far, do get in touch!

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