What is Craft?

Craft is a content-first content management system (CMS) that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike. It does so by offering developers a high level of flexibility, both in terms of content modelling and front-end views, while also giving content managers an intuitive publishing experience.

Craft has been made for bespoke websites and mobile applications, where strong control over branding and content types are a priority. The platform has been optimised for creating rich visitor experiences from scratch, rather than being combined with existing themes.

Content Fields

Work with content fields completely focused around your content - the way it should be. Each entry will have predefined fields, complete with instructions and content guidelines for authors.

Live Preview

Reduce editorial mistakes and ensure a consistent look and feel for your content before you commit your changes by being able to edit pages and see the results in real-time.

Image Editor

Reduce time spent editing images in external software and enjoy more granular control over how images appear by having access to edit images and set focal points from within the CMS.

Customisable Dashboard

Increase your awareness of key metrics and activity from Google analytics data, Twitter, Instagram and more with personalised dashboard widgets for all users of the CMS.

Asset (File) Manager

Organise your files and assets in a way that’s most appropriate for your content by creating folders and subfolders with the ability to move, rename them, and view files in a list or thumbnail view.

Search Engine Optimisation

Maximise rankings in search engines and appearance in social network feeds with structured data, friendly URLs, automatically generated sitemaps and full control of redirects.

Version Control

Benefit from an additional safety net to easily and quickly revert entries to previous versions, avoiding potentially damaging or inaccurate content, or malformed content on your page.


Optimise your content for multiple audiences, either across several languages, domain names or both, with localisation and multi-site management capabilities.

User Management

Create content workflows among your authors and allow the creation of user accounts and easily manage permissions. Enable public registrations and accounts as appropriate.

One Click Updates

Spend less time on upgrades, reducing the total cost of ownership while continuing to keep pace with evolving online threats and allowing your budget to be spent more effectively.

Low Cost of Ownership

Craft CMS is a cost effective platform with a low cost license fee of $299 (approx £220). The licence includes all updates for the first year of ownership, with an annual renewal fee of just $59 (approx £40).

This means that once you purchase the license, you can use that version indefinitely without paying any additional fees. However, to continue to benefit from regular updates, after the initial 12 month period the renewal fee will allow you to secure your investment by providing updates for a further year.

Hosting Options

Craft CMS can be hosted in most hosting environments, including those running Windows based servers. Supported by our expertise in creating high performance sites in Craft, we’ll work with you to identify the optimum hosting solution from providers including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean.

As an official Craft Service Partner, we’ve proven our expertise and demonstrated that we can successfully support your project by providing development, training and hosting.

We’re also active in the developer community, supporting the Craft CMS Developer Conference Dot All and regularly attending community events.

Interested in Craft?

Craft CMS has been the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest brands including Netflix, Sonos, and Associated Press. To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from using Craft CMS, contact us today for a free demonstration.