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Website data and analytics audits

Get the data you need to make critical business decisions on your digital journey.

You wouldn't drive blind, would you?

How would you feel driving your car knowing you couldn't rely on the information you saw on the dashboard? Pretty uncomfortable huh? Not knowing how much fuel remains or how fast you're going would be unsettling to say the least. This driving data is critical information helping you to make the best decisions so you can complete your journey as safely and efficiently as possible.

But what if we asked whether your digital marketing provides you with an equivalent level of data provided by your car dashboard?

Data should be informing every decision you make and the chances are its easy to come by, even if you don't realise it. Auditing your digital assets will not only ensure you're collecting and monitoring the right data, but also have realtime access to it with a personalised dashboard.

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Digital audits

Without data, you can’t drive change, innovation or progress. Data should sit at the heart of your organisation’s decision-making, yet it's all too common to find its unreliable or difficult to understand. Let us help you get the right data to the right people with a website or analytics audit.

Technical audit

Allow us to review the tech-stack across your business to explore how you could be joining up system to improve efficiency and save time.

Data audit

Our 360 Website Analytics Audit is a 360º view of your website’s visitor performance, delivered in a simple easy-to-understand video.

Content audit

Find out where you could be consolidating your content and better meeting the goals of your customers with a content audit.

What might a website audit cover?

  • Testing forms for errors
  • Search engine performance
  • Analytics and tracking errors
  • The timing and relevance of transactional emails
  • Visitor journey and website flow
  • Referral and attribution errors
  • Broken links
  • Reasons for poor converting pages
  • Customer shopping experience
  • Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics configuration

Tools we use

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Have the confidence to make data-led decisions in your business.

What our clients say

“Paid search and email marketing helped Out of Eden achieve a 12% increase in sales in just under 10 months.”

Mike Gannon
Managing Director, Out of Eden