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What Social Media is to Coca-Cola

This is a fantastic, creative video that shows Coca-Cola's approach to social media and what it means to them. Being one of the largest brands in the world with big budgets, perhaps gives them a greater opportunity than others when it comes to social media, but there's some good examples of best practice and lessons that everyone can take away and use in their own approach to social media.

While this video tells the story about what Coca-Cola are doing in the social space, you can't help but notice the 'liquid' reference used throughout. It's a constant reference to their product and in turn, makes this video part of their own social media strategy rather than simply a story about what happens behind the scenes. They've cleverly started an uncontrollable conversation by telling the world what and why they do it, and then posting on You Tube.

Could you tell the world what and why you do something? Could it be something that people would share to promote your brand?

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