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Transactional emails

Transactional emails are a hugely effective tool for driving traffic, sales and providing a better level of customer service, so why is it that we tend to forget about them?

What is a transactional email?

A transactional email is any message sent in response to an action completed on your website. More often than not these are ‘triggered’ by a purchase, an account registration, or a newsletter sign up. These types of emails are important because they provide your customer with information about the action they have completed, but they can be so much more than that...

Transactional emails tend to get opened with far more regularity than usual e-shots, as they are sent with information that your customer wants to see.

Upselling, cross-selling and future interactions

Every email you send to a customer is a chance to build the relationship between you and the recipient. They offer an opportunity to build up a professional, customer service focused image, and in lots of cases present your customer with a solid call to action. Careful, unobtrusive links to items your customer might like or offering them an offer on their next purchase can all be used to encourage customers back to your website.

The social opportunities of transactional emails

Transactional emails also offer a great opportunity to get opinions, share content and encourage interactions. Leading customers back to your blog, asking for feedback on your service or encouraging customers to share their experience on social media can all be used discreetly in transactional emails.

Remember to make sure to keep promotions smooth, contextual, non-intrusive and place them within the context of a well-presented email which is inline with your brand.

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