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Sprout Social Agency Partners - Benefits of working with us

I started my job here at A Digital 3 months ago after working in-house for a fashion brand. The change from working in-house to an agency has been far from easy but luckily for me, my boss had signed up to become a Sprout Social Agency Partner. Not only has this made my life as a Social Media Specialist 100x easier to manage, but it has also allowed me to explore a new side of social media management I had never done before. In this blog post, I’ll be explaining some of the benefits of why working with us as a Sprout Social Agency Partner is better for your business.

5 Key Benefits of being an Agency Partner

1. Managing Messages

Web Engagement Smart Inbox

Do you ever find it hard to keep on track of all your messages on social media? Well, Sprout has got a solution.

Within the Smart Inbox you can see all of your direct messages, post comments, new followers and brand mentions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one place. You can also reply and react to the messages directly from the Sprout Smart Inbox so you don't have to so you don't even have to visit the platform.

2. Asset Library

Web Publishing Asset Library

Do you ever struggle to find the content you know you have? Sprout's shared Asset Library stores all of your content in one place so everyone in your team has easy access.

Sprouts Asset Library allows you to add content into a shared area so all of your team can easily see the content you have. You can also add an Asset Title, Text, Tag and Context so your content can be readily prepared for posting.

3. Workflow Approval

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Find it hard to get approval from other members of staff? Sprout allows you to set up Approval Workflows.

Sprout has a great Approval Workflow system which allows you to assign tasks to other members of your team. By assigning a task, it will notify the approver via email that there is a post that needs approving. Then they can add internal comments, make changes to the post and approve the post so it can be scheduled/published. Without approval, the post won't be published so this can help stop mistakes from being made.

4. Post to Multiple Accounts at Once

Web Publishing Calendar with Compose

Find it hard to find time to post regularly to all of your accounts? In Sprout, you can post to multiple accounts at the same time.

Posting regularly has never been easier with the ability to post to multiple accounts within Sprout. Simply open a new message, select which accounts you want it to be published on, write the caption, (add an image or video if required), select a send time, then submit! The posts will all appear in the Publishing Calendar.

5. Automatic Reports

Reports Instagram Performance Report

Ever feel like you spend most of your day filling in reports? With Sprout's automatic reports, it does all the hard work for you.

Sprout gives you access to highly detailed reports with insights into performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and best of all - it's all automatic! Not only does it have pre-made reports for the individual accounts, but it also gives you the ability to create your own. You can export your reports as CSV or PDF files or you can automatically schedule them to be sent to up to 25 email addresses either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Why does working with A Digital matter?

Now you know some of the key features of Sprout Social you're probably thinking why would working with us matter. By working with an Agency Partner it gives you the opportunity to become more connected with your colleagues and us here at A Digital. Not only do you have everything at your fingertips, but you also get our guidance and expertise to help you make the most out of your social media strategy. By using Sprout it allows you to have as much control as you like or you can simply leave it down to us!

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