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Opinon: The past can’t be changed: review it, learn, reset and move on

At the end of every year, there's always opportunities for moments of reflection to consider our journeys over the previous 12 months. We're often anticipative and hopefully excited about new year in front of us and the challenges it will bring. But should we take with us into the year ahead, and what should we think about leaving behind?

The end of the year is a natural break point when many people can actually enjoy time away from work, knowing most other people in their industry will be doing the same. But while we're reflecting, it's important to learn, reset and move on.

When I was asked about what we shouldn't be taking with us into the new year, several things come to mind.

For one, our mindset. Along with our inhibitions, procrastination and self-doubt. And let’s add to that the concept of imposter syndrome. Basically all the things that held back our progress should definitely remain in the year 2022 and entry to 2023 firmly declined.

Andrew Armitage, MediaCat Magazine 18 January 2023

Despite my view that the past is the past and it should stay there, there is something we should continue to hold dear as we look forwards. The lessons we've learned along the way. We can't afford to be making the same mistakes over again.

Looking ahead though, that's where excitement and change happens. There’s little to be gained from continuing to look backwards. Review it once, and move forwards. The past can’t be changed, and whatever the past means to us, we’re still in control of the future.

Check out the full article at and let me know on LinkedIn or Twitter what you think. What will you be taking into 2023?

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