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Opinion: Time for the Travel Industry to ‘check-in’ on cart abandonment

We are in the middle of 'wave season' - that time of the year in the travel industry when new clients start thinking, and booking, their annual holiday/s. All this website traffic may be welcome news for those in the trade, but with more consumer choice than ever before, the travel industry has one of the highest cart abandonment rates. So, how do you ensure your website is the e-tourists' destination of choice?

In this article for TBTECH, I explain that in order to capture the imagination and attention of holiday makers you need a clear understanding of how they go about booking their holidays. And most importantly why they might chose one eCommerce site over another - is it all about the best deal? Or does it come down to easier payment processes, fewer pop-ups and banners? And of course, don't ignore the user experience on mobile devices which is often where the search begins.

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