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Opinion: It’s OK to be a ‘Marmite’ brand — as long as it’s authentic

In an increasingly noisy and competitive market place, many brands are adopting a more risky approach to cement their positioning and stand out from the crowd. It can be intimidating. With ‘cancel culture’ becoming more common (and problematic), committing a social faux pas has become even riskier.

Still, marketers shouldn’t feel they need to stick to ‘safe’ ideas out of fear. After all, risk can lead to higher rewards if the payoff is successful. The key to an acceptable level of risk is to be authentic and align with your brand's values and the company ethos.

In doing this, it doesn’t matter if the stand your brand makes isn’t ‘everyone’s cup of tea’. Ultimately, not everyone is your target audience. And by raising and sharing an opinion, we find like-minded others who will become ever more loyal members of our brand tribe.

In MediaCat Magazine, I talk about the benefits of having a brand that doesn't sit on the fence. It’s OK to be a Marmite brand; in most cases, it should be celebrated.

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