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Maximising your marketing practices during an event

Marketing your event effectively is all down to planning ahead. Engaging your audience pre-event, during the event and after the event make sure to maxmise your exposure.

Use social media

Pre- event
Make sure to promote your event via your social media platforms, start early by providing your audience with little bits of information about what will be happening at the event. Build it up as it gets nearer to the event.

During the event
Get people involved during the event. Create a Twitter hashtag and encourage people to talk about your event, take pictures and aim to get a larger audience knowing what you’re all about.

Keep the conversation going, follow people who are talking about you, ask your followers how they felt the event went. Share pictures of the event.

Event page

There are lots of websites out there that publicise events, either for free or for a small fee. This will allow for more media integration and exposure online, leading more people to your event. You can even use a third party website to sell tickets for you if this is a service you require.

Use your email database

Most businesses have a mailing list and now is the perfect time to put this to good use. Produce an event invite and send it out to all your contacts and encourage them to share the news with their friends. You could even offer them a ‘loyal customer only’ deal (discounted tickets or exclusive attendance at a speaking slot)

During the event
An event presents a perfect opportunity to gather contacts from prospective customers. Encourage visitors to sign up for a demo, exclusive event only offer, or even just more information.

Thank your customers for attending, provide a preview of the event with plenty of pictures and link to your website. Thank your new contacts for signing up and provide a summary of what you are all about, add a link to your website and social media platforms.

Leverage your audiences

Know some influential bloggers in your industry? Ask them to help by writing about your event or invite them to attend and report on what they thought. Leverage your partners or suppliers by inviting them to sponsor your event or provide a product you can use at the event.

Don’t ignore traditional methods

Whilst a lot of events promotion can be done online, you shouldn’t overlook traditional media methods. Send a press release to local journalists, offer them a press pass to the event, and make contact with key publications in your industry. This can be done pre-event and post-event.

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