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Christmas tree in loft

Christmas...out of sight out of mind for another 12 months?

So that’s Christmas back in the loft for another year. Out of sight, out of mind for another 11 months. Or are you being a little hasty?

If you sell online and are the owner of an eCommerce website, after the joy of the holidays there’s still work to do now to plan for, and don’t hate me for saying it, but next Christmas.

📩 Were your campaigns effective?

📈 How were sales compared to the year before?

📊 Have you got the right metrics and KPI’s in an easy to share format to discuss with your team?

🤔 What would make next year easier or more successful operationally?

💬 What feedback have you had from products and customers?

Now is the time to analyse the data and make improvements to your eCommerce website and your marketing. Then you can test things through the year to make sure you smash next season (although of course, a website isn’t just for Christmas 😉).

So where can you drive improvements and capitalise on data:

🗺️ Mapping the path to purchase

🛒 Conversions

🏎️ Site speed

🔎 Site navigation and search

⚙️ Automations that personalise and content and drive reviews

😍 Customer experience with AI chat bots

What do you need help with so can you break the barriers through 2024? How are you going to maximise the all important customer lifetime value so you can reduce your cost per acquisition (the cost of finding new customers) in an ever increasing, competitive economy.

With proven success in supporting eCommerce growth, let’s have a conversation about your plans for the year ahead.

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