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Andrew Armitage meets Website Planet

Website Planet is a reviews based website providing insights on a range of web-related software and tools, from website-builders, to project management platforms and hosting companies. They recently caught up with A Digital founder Andrew Armitage to learn more about the agency, their work and some of the challenges currently facing agencies in the digital space.

Inevitably we talked about some of the tools we use in the agency which could quite easily be a blog post in itself. We use a lot of apps to support our projects and the wider business, many of which will be familiar to readers.

In addition, we spoke about what we feel makes us different as an agency. It's hugely competitive, not helped by a tough economic environment at the moment, but we feel our combination of tech and marketing experience under 1 roof is part of our advantage. While it's easier than ever to get your hands on website builders and digital tools, building websites is in many ways more complex than ever as the need to link systems and services together becomes more important and valuable to scale and growth.

Talking Points

Additional talking points included recruitment, some of the tools we use in the agency to support our projects and of course AI. As digital agencies face greater competition in the face of low/no code website builders, AI will inevitably feature in the toolkit used by agencies. This will result in agencies requiring a new set of skills that may involve less traditional development (typically building websites and integrations), but more of the assembly of pre-built components using AI tools or large-scale frameworks.

Full Interview

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Andrew profile

Andrew is the founder of multi-award winning A Digital and believes that technology should be an enabler, making a positive impact on the way people live and work.

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