Website Audits

Digital Strategy Audit

This will include a full PPC (pay per click) audit of your current campaigns, an SEO (search engine optimisation) audit to see how well your pages are performing organically, and if you have commerce then we shall also look at your shopping feeds. We will review sitemaps, content structure, meta tags, and many other aspects to help you with your digital strategy.

Pagespeed Audit

To begin our pagespeed audit, we will benchmark your site using a number of tools so that we can define a baseline. Afterwards we will be able to draw some conclusions from these benchmarks on how to increase your sites pagespeed using a variety of methods. Finally, once you're changes have been made we will run all of the tests again and compare the new results against the benchmarks to show how effective our recommendations have been.

Design Audit

When undertaking a design audit of your site, we will look at multiple devices and screen ratios. We want your site to be clear and easy to use across a range of different platforms. We will also look to eliminate any frustrations that your users are currently experiencing. Out of this we shall provide you with a number of suggestions that will enable you to create a fantastic UX (user experience) on your site.

Process Audit

We will run through a process ourselves which you've identified, e.g. placing an order. Depending on the outcomes of our tests, we may choose to add some recording tools to your site to capture some real world customer sessions also. Once we have gathered this data we will be able to identify areas that require improvement to make the process easier for people to complete.

Full Website Audit

We will undertake an intensive session using each audit described above as well as a few extras. We shall then analyse the data from each audit and see how it all links together to get a bigger picture of the whole site environment. We will then provide you with recommendations for the highest priority changes that we have identified that should have the greatest impact on your site.

Apply for an audit today

Think one of our audits described above could be beneficial to you? Let us know and we will be in touch. If you think another kind of audit is needed that isn't listed above, then tell us your requirements.