Support & Maintenance

When your new website goes live, we won't abandon you. Here at A Digital we want to help you so that your business doesn't get left behind. Your competition will keep improving their sites, so why shouldn't you?

We have a broad range of tools that help us keep track of your sites performance so we can suggest improvements. We also appreciate that since the initial build, you may want some additional functionality to be added. We can do this using a monthly service level agreement to keep providing you with updates to your platform.

Innevitably at some point, something on your site will break, this is just the way of the web but when it does we will be on hand to get the issue fixed quickly. Services we use can sometimes change their connection details which can for example disable twitter feeds at a basic level.

If your website has a bug where something has gone wrong and it's broken, then we will priortise fixing this for you. However, if you are wanting to add additional functionality to the site, or change how something works, then we deem this to be less urgent as the page is still technically working. Changes of this nature will be less of a priority and we will look to fit them into our schedule. These will also be charged for if you don't already have a service level agreement with us.

If you need help now then please don't hesitate to get in touch using our support form.

Tired of Standing Still?

We will help you to get ahead of the game by providing you with continual improvements so that you can beat your competition. And if anything does go wrong, we will fix it quickly so you can get back up and running in no time.

Other services related to Support & Maintenance

Website Audits

Taking a look at your current setup and making suggestions for improvement