Email Marketing

Digital marketing channels are noisy places to be these days; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; You Tube and others. Yet email marketing is the one channel that has continued to perform consistently in terms of engagement. Its ubiquitous appeal transcends audiences with the added bonus of every email you send being easily measurable.

Email marketing is also accessible and hugely cost effective. From simple emails sent every now and again, up to high frequency, targeted, segmented and personalised email campaigns, it can cut through the noise enabling you to keep in touch with your clients and customers.

Email newsletters are a cornerstone in promoting your ecommerce website, driving traffic to your website and highlighting special offers and new products. The days of 'build and they will come' are long gone, making email a central part of most digital marketing campaigns.

Start your email campaigns today!

Email campaigns are quick and easy to get started with and will prove to be an affordable way to keep in touch with your customers. Whether you're new to email marketing or you're already sending out frequent email campaigns to a large database, we can help take away the pain of fiddly text editors and creating your content.