Digital Strategy

What is digital strategy?

Fundamentally it's your plan for how you're going to use your website and digital channels to achieve its objectives. It will most likely fall within your brand strategy, but with a particular emphasis on developing your digital channels and touch points; where, and how people interact with your brand online.

You may already have a considered brand strategy; you just need to extend it to consider digital channels. Or, you might be planning a new site and want guidance with how to use it to best effect following its launch.

A coherent digital strategy will join the dots between all your favoured channels. At its simplest, this could be promoting your website through email marketing, and supporting it through social media postings. How do all these fit together? What do you say? How do you say it even?

Like any business strategy, it should start with an objective. You might not have defined this yet, but we can help. While we don't consider ourselves brand specialists, planning any business strategy is dependent on your brand, so its something we understand the importance of.

If your project is likely to be 'brand led', we can still help. We've worked successfully with branding specialists for clients including Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and James Clay.

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