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Engagement Driven Website Development

Burnetts’ Solicitors is one of the largest law firms in Northern England providing expert, authoritative advice to businesses and individuals. With offices in Carlisle, Cockermouth, Penrith and Newcastle, Burnetts are a nationally recognised and accredited team of lawyers.


Following a major relocation to new Carlise offices, Burnetts wanted to refresh their website with new responsive layouts and a modern design in line with their recently updated branding that included revisiting their core values to improve engagement and user experience (UX).

Despite having worked with us for approaching 10 years, Burnetts invited tenders for this project, and following a successful competitive pitch we were delighted to extend a long standing relationship with the firm.

Key to the success of the project would be a strong visual design and maintaining search engine rankings for their high performing blog that included articles that had been built over several years. In addition, the brief demanded a secure platform providing peace of mind for a firm that proudly stands by its values.

Seamless Migration to Craft CMS

Burnetts wanted to keep their existing content, web page structure and tools. Our expert team of designers and developers seamlessly migrated their data from the old website into new content structures within Craft CMS. Craft CMS is a commercial content management system built on secure open source code frameworks providing plenty of flexibility for content publishers.

The new site would provide a number of enhancements to their established online tools including their conveyancing calculator and the way they could publish details of events they host.

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Integrations and Plugins

The new Burnetts website integrated directly with their email marketing platform allowing seamless subscriptions into various segments of their mailing list.

One significant enhancement was to build the online conveyancing calculator as a custom plugin into the content management system itself. In the previous site, each time rates or stamp duty levels were changed, Burnetts required us to update and test the calculations. Working in Craft CMS allowed us to define all the settings and calculations in user accessible fields, with an entirely bespoke process around the generation of quotes and email notifications.

The conveyancing calculator retains details of each quote request allowing Burnetts solicitors to revisit the quote, making revisions where necessary and re-issuing it directly to the prospective client by email. This was an improvement on the previous platform by allowing specific follow ups on each quotation received.

Burnetts Calculator
Burnett Office

Services Provided

  • Website design on Craft CMS
  • Custom Craft CMS plugin development
  • Hosting
  • Integration with marketing services
  • Mapbox mapping

Key Features

  • Conveyancing calculator
  • Redundancy calculator
  • Bespoke design

Client Quote

“Andrew listened and offered lots of suggestions on how we could improve the site. We like working with him because he thinks beyond the technology - he works things through and considers how the website will best work for the business.”

Nick Gutteridge
Nick Gutteridge
Managing Partner, Burnetts Solicitors

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