Growing inbound leads and improving internal processes for conveyancing quotes.

Burnetts Solicitors is one the largest law firms in the North of England with offices in Carlisle, Penrith, West Cumbria and Newcastle. The firm has embraced the importance of digital communication and has been using social media as part of its marketing strategy for some time.

Last year the firm felt its website needed a refresh. Angela Huck, Marketing Manager at Burnetts, explains: “We went through a significant rebrand around four years ago which included a new website. Since then trends in digital marketing have moved on, so we felt it was time to take a fresh look at our website.

We felt this was the time to make sure our website was responsive and adaptable for use on mobile devices.

Angela Huck, Marketing Manager, Burnetts

To begin with we felt the old site was far too text heavy, and we were keen to introduce more ‘white space’, images and solid colour to make the site bolder and more striking. We also felt this was the time to make sure our website was responsive and adaptable for use on mobile devices.”

Andrew Armitage of A Digital had been instrumental in creating the 2011 site, and so Burnetts called him to discuss their plans for a refresh.

Says Angela: “A Digital did a great job on the old site, and so it made sense to work with them on the refresh project. Also, we’d invested a lot of time in getting the structure right so didn’t want to start from scratch: our goal here was to try and work with the existing architecture as much as possible.

We had several objectives for the refresh project. Firstly we wanted to update the looks and feel of the site by cutting down the amount of text and make the content more accessible. Secondly we wanted to make it easier for site visitors to get in touch. Finally, we wanted visitors to be able to quickly find the information they were looking for.

We like working with Andrew because he thinks beyond the technology…

Angela Huck, Marketing Manager, Burnetts

Andrew listened to our objectives and offered lots of suggestions on how we could improve the site. We like working with him because he thinks beyond the technology - he works things through and considers how the website will best work for the business.”

The refresh project was completed in under 3 months, and Burnetts is thrilled with the results.

We’re delighted with the way the new site functions. One of our favourite tools is the new conveyancing calculator. Visitors to the site are really engaging with it and following it through to obtain a quotation. It has taken down a barrier to communication and also saves us quite a bit of administration time since our own team now uses the tool to work out prices for clients.It’s always a pleasure to work with Andrew. He has great integrity and always finds a way to deliver the result. I think we now have a website that’s up to date and in tune with the way people use the internet.”

Angela Huck, Marketing Manager, Burnetts

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