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Website Development Retainers

Stay one step ahead of rapidly changing customer expectations with a continual improvement retainer for your website.

Website Maintenance and Craft CMS Retainers

You’ve probably already realised ‘digital is never done’. As soon as your website goes live, it’s not uncommon to receive feedback and requests from colleagues asking for updates and new features. Over time your audience behaviours will change, new products, messaging and routes to market will appear, and the tools and platforms that support your digital ecosystem will themselves evolve.

Elsewhere on the web, hackers are always on the prowl for vulnerable websites without proper security and a website attack or data breach can be hugely damaging to your brand. A website maintenance retainer gives you the confidence you're doing all you can to keep them out, protecting your data and your reputation.

And, much as it pains us to say it, it’s unrealistic to expect your website to work flawlessly at all times, so knowing who to speak to identify the root cause of any problems will minimise the impact to your business.

Protect your site today

Features of our website support retainers

  • Preferential access to our team for support requests
  • Updates to Craft CMS and installed plugins
  • Strategic and technical guidance
  • Refresher training to use your CMS
  • Monthly development sprints to deliver continual improvement
  • Regular review and status update meetings
  • Studio time for minor ad hoc updates
  • Audits and performance reviews

Choose one of our support retainers

Our affordable maintenance retainers provide peace of mind with a predictable monthly budget allowing your website to continually evolve with your business. Each option can also be combined with support to grow your audience with our digital marketing experts.


Enjoy peace of mind that your website is being maintained with monthly checks to protect against cyber-threats and software errors.

  • Core CMS and plugin updates
  • 1 hour of studio time for ad hoc updates
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Test all forms and internal links
  • Annual website audit
  • Priority support
  • Rolling monthly contract - cancel anytime



For organisations with an extensive wish list of features that can be released in phases to support their growth and digital transformation.

  • Includes all maintenance activities from our Essentials plan
  • 40 hours of studio time monthly
  • Structured program of work and agreed priorities
  • Agile style development sprints
  • Monthly feature releases
  • Regular online review meetings
  • Recommended duration 3 - 12 months



Best suited for websites with a large and active user base where performance at the highest technical level is business critical.

  • Includes maintenance activities from our Essentials plan
  • 80 hours of studio time monthly
  • Ideal for large eCommerce sites
  • Fortnightly feature releases
  • Consultancy
  • Regular online review meetings
  • Recommended duration 6 months +


Craft CMS Retainer Questions

Yes, we're able to provide support for Craft websites developed by other agencies. However there might be differences in our approach that result in a set of recommendations to make protecting and maintaining your site easier and more cost effective for you.

No, you don't. However it's important for us all to understand roles and responsibilities should anything happen at a server level. Our ability to provide support may be more limited unless we're named as a technical contact with your hosting provider.

Possibly. Our specialism is with Craft CMS though so we might not be the best fit to provide support for websites built on other platforms. We'd suggest getting in touch in for a chat and we can discuss your specific situation.

That's entirely up to you, although for larger retainers that commit us to a larger number of hours each month, we ask for 3 months notice if you wish to cancel. Depending on the type of work or program we've agreed, it's likely that a natural break will appear in advance anyway, so we try to offer as much flexibility as we can.

Protect your site today

Let our experienced team of Craft CMS developers provide a tailored care plan for your website.