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We're a Craft CMS Agency building bespoke websites and eCommerce solutions on Craft Commerce

Craft CMS is a content-first content management system (CMS) that aims to make life enjoyable for content managers and developers alike.

The platform has been optimised for creating rich, high performance visitor experiences that can be integrated with other systems and services as well as providing powerful eCommerce features.

Migrate to Craft CMS

Why choose Craft CMS to manage your content?

Designed for bespoke websites and mobile applications, Craft CMS gives you full control over your branding and provides enormous flexibility where different content types are a priority. It's a great choice to upgrade from an ExpressionEngine website, sharing the some of the features you're used to, but with a modern and intuitive publishing experience.

Some of the features you'll love about Craft CMS include:

  • Content fields completely focused around your content - the way it should be. Each entry will have predefined fields, complete with instructions and content guidelines for authors.
  • Live Previewing your pages reduces editorial mistakes and ensures a consistent look and feel for your content. You can edit pages and see the results in real-time before you publish them.
  • Edit and crop images within the CMS without the need for external software and set focal points to ensure accurate positioning.
  • Customise the dashboard to increase your awareness of key metrics and easily publish content from any device.
  • Organise files and assets in a way that’s most appropriate for your content with storage on popular services such as AWS, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean.

Work with a Professional Craft CMS Development Team

As one of the first official Craft CMS partners in the UK, we've built and managed over 50 websites on the platform, including powerful online shopping experiences using Craft Commerce.

If you're thinking about migrating your website to Craft CMS from ExpressionEngine, we can seamlessly transfer your content and crucially, ensure no loss of search engine rankings.

Why choose a Craft CMS Specialist Agency

Craft CMS isn't your average CMS. With Craft, your content comes first and you'll get the best performance on your Craft CMS website by working with a team that knows the platform inside-out.

Our experienced Craft CMS developers can integrate your website with a wide range of third party systems or services, delivering internal efficiencies and a seamless customer experience.

Speak to us today about a free Craft CMS demo.

Migrate your website to Craft CMS

Craft CMS offers a high level of flexibility, both in terms of modelling your content and front-end page layouts, while giving content managers an intuitive and accessible publishing experience.

If your ExpressionEngine site is at the end of the road and can't easily be upgraded, migrating your website to Craft CMS will introduce your team to a modern content management approach while bolstering your site's security and performance.

Discuss a Migration to Craft CMS today