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Withdrawal of Cold Fusion Hosting in January 2014

It's little over 2 years since we inherited around 80 Cold Fusion based websites from another web agency in Kendal. At the time it was quite a bold move; we didn't have much experience with Cold Fusion, and taking on that number of sites built by someone else is not without its risks. However, the hosting migration was fairly straightforwards with no impact on availability or email services, and the Cold Fusion code itself was easy to read, with elements of cross-over with PHP, our primary development language. We felt we could continue to provide a reasonable level of support to these new clients and over time, with updates and add-ons, migrate the sites to an alternative platform.

In that time, we’ve been fortunate to work with many of our Cold Fusion clients and now most of these sites are running on more flexible and robust content management systems; namely Statamic or Expression Engine depending on the scale of the site and it's requirements.

Over recent months however, we've felt our Cold Fusion hosting platform has been increasingly unable to meet our high standards for reliability and security. As a handful of the Cold Fusion sites we're hosting are now getting on for 5 or 6 years old, its becoming increasingly difficult to provide a reliable level of support, especially when we feel let down by the hosting platform as well.

As a result, on 31st January next year, we'll be closing down our Cold Fusion server hosting.

We realise this won't be good news for our Cold Fusion site owners, but as the web continues to evolve at a frightening pace, being able to provide reliable support, as well as protect ourselves and client data from old coding standards that could be vulnerable to web attacks, has to be our priority.

Just like a car, aging sites begin to need a lot more love and attention to keep them going. For these remaining Cold Fusion sites, the time has come to decide whether the ongoing investment in them is economically sensible or whether its time to trade in for a new model.

We've notified all our Cold Fusion clients directly, but if you're concerned that this might affect your site, then please get in touch with us.

If you have a Cold Fusion site (whether its hosted with us or not) and want to look at upgrading your content management system or ecommerce platform, please get in touch.

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