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What do guests really want to see from your website?

Getting the most from your Hotel or B&B website is important. Here's five pointers that can help you to attract potential guests...

Hassle-free and simple online booking

Making sure your online booking system is seamless and straightforward plays a key part in turning website visits into bookings. Customers want their user experience to be easy, and they want to achieve their goal using as little steps as possible.

Information, information, information

Content is important and guests want the information they seek clearly stated on your website. What facilities are included at your property? What is the access like? Do you cater for children? Are dogs welcome? Where is your property? Provide a map so guests can see how close the nearest amenities or public transport options are. The more information you provide, the better your guests will feel about booking.

Different search options

Not everyone searches for a holiday in the same way, so making sure you have different search options accommodates a variety of potential guests. Property criteria (B&B, Hotel, Luxury B&B, Value B&B etc.) date and location are examples of search criteria you could use.

A responsive website

Appealing to a wide range of potential guests is important and having a site that can be easily viewed on a mobile or tablet can aid in creating a positive user experience. More and more people are becoming comfortable in searching and booking holidays on their mobile device. Additionally having a responsive website will appeal to guests who are already travelling and only have their mobile device to search for accommodation.

More photos

Photos help with user experience. Cast a critical eye over your website, do your current photos show off your property to its full potential? Make sure photos are large and are of good quality. You could try having an interactive photo gallery and encourage guests to share pictures of your property on social media. ‘Real’ photos from previous guests will help potential guests to get more of an idea about your property.

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