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Digital Scorecard - How well is your digital strategy performing?

Digital marketing doesn't sit alone in the marketing mix - pretty much any marketing activity or campaign needs to include elements of digital; whether that's online activity in support of offline campaigns or outright digital reach campaigns. However, there are so many aspects to digital marketing that can warrant a specialist team to oversee digital activity across a business.

Having recognised that many businesses aren't able to develop their own full in-house digital teams, we've launched our own digital scorecard tool to help businesses rate their digital performance and identify areas for development.

Completing the Scorecard takes only 10 minutes and will provide you with a free personalised report summarising your scores in four key areas: strategy, assets, profile and skills. It outlines how well positioned your business is to inform and influence your target market and highlights where you can strengthen your digital activity in a way that delivers high quality leads and enquiries.

As well a providing a breakdown of your score from each of the 4 key sections, the report also provides you with an overall score. It then signposts you to other resources we've developed, including our Clientside podcast and a series of upcoming webinars.

The scorecard has been designed for anyone with responsibility for digital strategy, including CEO’s, Website Managers, Marketing Managers and Communications Directors, who find themselves wrestling with constant changes in technology and shifts in the marketing landscape.

This accurate and targeted tool will help you to spot some of the quick wins to build your online profile, along with identifying longer term challenges that may need a more structured approach.

Marketing is all about getting in front of the right people at the right time and in this digital age, it's possible to build highly targeted campaigns that can be measured at every stage, and turned on or off like a tap. Not only this, but the cost and commitment to marketing online is drastically lower than at any other time in history. However, without the right strategy or having tools in place to execute the strategy, the results will likely fall short of expectations.

The scorecard will help you identify priority areas for improvement which can help in mapping out your digital strategy, but also ensure you have the right tools, processes and budgets in place to ensure you can build an effective digital vision for your business or organisation.

You can complete the scorecard here simply by entering your name, email address and a phone number and we'll follow up each entry with a free, no obligation discussion about your results. You'll then have a series of recommendations to take away and discuss with your team and existing associates, or that we could explore together to make your plans for 2020 realistic, measurable and above all, delivering a return on your investment.

Scorecard Report

You'll receive a free, personalised report showing your score in the areas of strategy, assets, skills and profile.

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