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Alice joins the A Digital Team

Alice Bardgett has joined the A Digital as part of an internship in Digital Marketing following the completion of her A-Levels and will be supporting our digital marketing efforts.

After finishing her studies at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith in the Summer, Alice reached out to us for some work experience and we did one better and offered her a job!

Here at A Digital we are strong believers in digital skills development and our founder Andrew is currently working with a number of local schools to support and encourage young people as they plan their careers. “Much has been said about the national skills shortage so it’s essential that young people can start their careers in a supportive environment that offers progression while learning and earning at the same time.

Andrew continues, “While young people might lack certain skills or experience to hit the ground running, when they show up with the right attitude and willingness to learn like Alice does, we can shape their training around a number of elements to suit the role, the candidate's strengths and the demands of our clients.

“As businesses we can’t complain about there being a skills shortage and not be willing to make an investment in young people to give them the real world experience and skills they need."

Alice adds, "This is an amazing opportunity for me to pursue something I am passionate about whilst learning so much, after recently completing my A-Levels. I am excited to gain experience of different skills and techniques in all things digital marketing, across such a wide range of clients and digital platforms."

Nina 2020 10 21 115207

Nina is a project manager at A Digital working alongside clients and supporting their digital campaigns.

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