The server which is hosting your website is never seen and it sits silently in the background when everything is running smoothly, but that doesn't make it any less important.

When considering where your site should be hosted, we have a saying here at A Digital, that cheap hosting becomes expensive hosting. This is because in the long run you shall probably end up paying for some form of support when the service goes down, and you'll also have to consider the negative impact of that downtime to your business.

By using a high quality service instead of the cheapest available, we can guarantee uptime and are alerted immediately to any issues so that we can get a fix in place as soon as possible. We understand that your website sits at the core of your business and as a result, it needs to always be accessible across the world, regardless of the time of day.

Don't settle for shared hosting where your website sits among potentially thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other websites on a single server. Choose a dedicated hosting plan with us and you'll get SSL certificates, dev subdomains for testing changes, and for larger sites you'll also receive full integration with a CDN (content delivery network) to take advantage of performance benefits.

Security and stability are vital; not only for the long term value of your site, but to ensure a slick user experience for visitors and search engines alike.

Choose a safe and secure server for your website

We provide fully managed server hosting solution for both websites and email services. Let us take the pain away from managing servers, permissions and user accounts, so you can focus on managing your company's marketing activity.