Selling online is a great leveller and is widely open to any business. Opening and running an online shop isn't easy - there's a lot of competition, especially when you consider the global market places created by the likes of Amazon and eBay.

The fact remains however that ecommerce sales continue to grow year on year. Opening your shop online extends your opening hours (IMRG found that 33% of online sales happen after 6pm), allows you to extend your product range and obviously, presents your businesses to a national, possibly even international customer base.

We've worked extensively with ecommerce clients selling products in a variety of different formats. There are still many new possibilities for ecommerce beyond selling straightforward physical products, with our experience covering digital downloads, physical products and memberships.

Building an ecommerce site however is only part of the solution. You need to be able to work with an ecommerce partner over the longer term to ensure you're getting information about how the site is performing, how the site is promoted and merchandised, and how you interact with your customers.

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Start planning your online shop

Starting an online shop carries lots of considerations, not only from a website perspective, but also from a business management one. Contact our experienced team to arrange a no-obligation meeting about your ecommerce plans.