Pagespeed Optimisation

When creating a new website, a wishlist of features can usually be used to determine what the site will do and how it shall look. This process can result in you ending up with the best website you've ever had, but if it is slow and poorly optimised then I'm sorry to say that most of your efforts have probably gone to waste.

With more people using their mobile devices to browse the internet, a fast loading website is a must. People have less patience now and if they don't have access to wifi, you need to make sure that the site still loads for them without eating up their data allowance.

Arguably every websites top priority should be pagespeed. Don't get me wrong, other aspects are also extremely important, but if the page doesn't load and they hit the back button out of frustration, your visitors will never see all of your hardwork.

Fashion retailer Missguided removed BazaarVoice for Android visitors. Median page load time improved by 4 seconds, and revenue increased by 26%

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You can have the best digital strategy and marketing campaigns in the world but if the site doesn't load, your bounce rates will be very high. Similarly you can have the best looking site with a fantastic process to make it easy for visitors to use, but we need to load the page before we can use it!

If you truly wish to blow your competition out of the water and have a site that loads quickly, you need to put pagespeed at the center of your strategy.

We have focussed on pagespeed on our own site which you can test here, and we offer this as a service for many of our clients. Pagespeed optimisation plays an important role in reducing the bounce rates on our clients sites and it can also help with the conversion ratios when ecommerce is involved.

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