CMS Setup & Integration

We've been doing this for so long that by now we'd like to consider ourselves as experts at setting up a CMS (Content Management System) to meet your needs. Over the years we've used a range of CMS's and taken the decision to specialise in a platform which we can offer you.

Originally this core platform was ExpressionEngine 2, but when version 3 came out we migrated to Craft. We still use other platforms but our decision to specialise in a core offering has led to us becoming official service partners and as a result, we know the system inside out.

Whilst no CMS is perfect, we will find one that we think best fits your needs and when functionality is missing from the core platform, we are fully capable of developing plugins to extend that functionality without impacting on any future upgrade path.

Here at A Digital we firmly believe that WordPress is not for us. It started out as a blogging platform and over the years this has been adapted to offer additional functionality such as ecommerce. We would much rather use a platform that was built with these features in mind and optimised for them right from day one of being released.

By using a CMS which has been built for your needs, you can expect less painpoints and gaps in functionality. We also have close contact with a number of CMS communities and can quickly provide additional functionality within the core CMS via feature requests when needed, if they are required.

Make managing your content easier!

If you'd like us to give you a recommendation, or you already have a system in mind, then please get in touch and we will help you to set up your site in the most optimum way so that it gives you the best performance available.

Other services related to CMS Setup & Integration

Craft CMS

Our preferred platform to develop with. As Craft Service Partners we endorse it.

ExpressionEngine CMS

Experienced ExpressionEngine developers, this is where it all started for us.

Statamic CMS

A lightweight CMS boasting great functionality for those with smaller budgets.