If your project is heavily dependent on an api, you already have a design you are happy with, or we have finished creating you a new design ourselves, then the next step is to move on to development. This means that we stop looking at how the site will look and instead we work on the functionality.

At this point of the project we start building up the fields in your chosen platform or cms and link this content to the templates with tags to pull through the relevant data. This forms the bulk of most development for the majority of our projects.

On some occassions though we find that we need to extend the core functionality and create our own custom plugins. This can be to provide you with additional features you've requested, or to link up to an api you've specified that you wish to use or pull data from.

We also look to optimise the speed of the pages we are creating during the development process. By creating a fast loading page we create a better user experience and reduce bounce rates.

By combining design and development we should be able to provide you with a fully finished website. Once this is done we can also offer a range of hosting, support, marketing, and continual improvement packages to make the most of your new site.

Reduce frustration and improve your productivity

Whether it's bulk uploading content via a csv upload, or automating something you currently do manually. We can build something for you! We can get rid of some of your major painpoints.

Other services related to Development

CMS Setup & Integration

The part which powers your website and allows you to easily manage your content

Pagespeed Optimisation

Loading your site quicker on all devices and reducing the mobile data cost

Custom Plugin Dev

Extending the core functionality of a CMS to make it fit your specific needs