Wireframes & Design

We are strong believers in building a strong foundation on which to design and build your website. This is why at A Digital, we make use of sitemaps and wireframes in the early stages of the design process.

Wireframes are similar to blueprints or plans. They are like visual skeletons of the design, planning out what and where elements of the design will appear. We also think that they act as a great sanity check - does the page contain everything it needs to fulfil its purpose, and is there anything that can be removed to streamline the process?

Wireframes allow you to visually see the basics of a website's design and layout, without getting bogged down on the details, such as the colours of buttons and the exact positioning of a line of text. These aesthetic details of design come much later.

The planning work done early on with sitemaps and wireframes influences everything else in your website project. Some things are obvious such as what pages will be included in your website, and where they will appear in the site structure. While other things are less obvious, like influencing content planning and creation, and even building out the content fields in the CMS (content management system).

Want to see what we can come up?

Let us know what ideas you've had and we will make them come to life. All we need is a little bit of direction from you and we can build something truly beautiful that people find easy to use.