HTML & CSS Coding

At A Digital, we believe in quality. We believe in standing behind the product we have built for you. We believe in understanding the technology we have used to build your website. For this reason, we don't use off-the-shelf templates, and steer away from CSS frameworks.

We write every line of HTML and CSS used in your website rather than using templates and frameworks, which helps reduce code-bloat keeping your website page-size small, and therefore fast. This also helps us develop websites that meet coding and accessibility standards.

And finally, it means that we can take full advantage of the "ever-developing landscape" of web technologies, implementing them as soon as they become compatible with a wide range of modern browsers.

Because we write every line of HTML and CSS used on your website, we understand how it works, and how best to utilise it to implement the designs and plans we have worked together to create. We don't have to sacrifice design because of a lack of technical capability.

We do however use the concepts behind many CSS frameworks, such as writing CSS using the BEM methodology, allowing us to write flexible code that also performs well.

BEM — Block Element Modifier is a methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end development

If you are looking for a high quality website, with code that has been written bespoke for your project, that is fast, light and accessible, and works across all devices, then A Digital is the development team for you.

Looking for a skilled development team?

If you are looking for a team who can take your project from concept to product, fulfilling every step in between, then speak to us. At A Digital, we can plan, design, develop and launch your website.