We believe that good design is crucial to the success of any website project. And that design involves so much more than what a lot of people think. Yes, design is the look of your website; the colours, the layout, the images, the typography. But it is so much more than that too.

In fact, design is really about how your website visually represents your brand and enables your customers to interact with it. Design starts much sooner in the web build process than choosing colours and fonts. It starts with plans - working out the best flow around the site for a given objective, then planning critical elements needed at each step of the way. Good design must be functional, it must have a purpose. Design without purpose is decoration.

In earlier stages of the design process, the "deliverables" are probably better thought of as blueprints or, as they are more commonly referred to in website design, wireframes. Wireframes help plan the basic structure of a website page, as well as acting as a sanity check - does the page contain everything it needs to fulfil its purpose, and is there anything that can be removed to streamline the process?

Good planning early on helps with all aspects of design and build; even in areas you may not initially think of, such as content planning and creation, and even building out the content fields in the CMS (content management system).

With a solid foundation, a website can then work with a company's brand, to offer their customers a unique experience, making best use of imagery, content and even technology.

We can build upon your existing branding (logo, colours, typography, imagery, tone of voice, values, etc.) when designing your website, taking into consideration modern trends, compatibility across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, i.e. responsive design), and user experience (UX). User experience builds upon the early planning stage and aims to create an online experience that is as frictionless as possible, enabling people to be able to complete their tasks as easily as possible. This could be anything from filling out a contact form, shopping online, updating an online profile, or simply finding relevant information quickly.

A website should also of course be aesthetically pleasing - this is what most people understand design to be. There is no point in a website being perfect functionally, if no one wants to use it because it is ugly. That is why we use clean, visually appealing designs, that your customers will love and want to interact with.

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Design is about meeting goals. If you want to discuss design that meets it's targets, we can help. We have experience in designing and building websites that act as a boon to growing businesses and their customers.

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