Craft 3 Plugins

Contact Form Campaign Monitor Subscribe

Utilises the Campaign Monitor Service plugin to subscribe users to a mailing list based on a checkbox input in a Craft contact form.

Cookie Consent Banner

Add a configurable cookie consent banner to the website.

Craft Migrations

Migration Files for a fresh install of Craft 3 to quickly create a new project.

Critical CSS

Generates Critical CSS without the need for SSH access.


Integration with Front

GDPR Data Checker

Run through the database and pull out any information associated with a specified email address.

Help Links

Define useful links to be added to the dashboard for clients.


X-Clacks-Overhead is a non-standardised HTTP header based upon the fictional work of the late, great, Sir Terry Pratchett. This plugin enables you to add the pre-requisite 'GNU Terry Pratchett' as well as other custom X-Clacks-Overhead headers to Craft


Creates a new support ticket in Zendesk using the JSON API.