We're back to #WFH! Please read our Covid-secure policy.
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In light of the announcement of 'lockdown 2.0', our team are now once again working remotely. We look forward to returning to the studio on or around 3 December, depending on the guidance provided at the time.

We'll be back together in the studio as soon as possible where we can work safely in the knowledge that:

* We have sufficient space for our team to be socially distant from one another

* None of our team rely on public transport to travel to or from work

* We don't come into contact with other people in our building

* Everyone is following Government guidance outside of the workplace to minimise transmission of the virus.

None of out team are obligated to continue working in the studio, with each person having the option to return to working from home at any time.

We'll update this page again based on the most up to date guidance.

Covid Secure

We'll continue to provide flexible working for our team to allow for personal circumstances and to comply with the Government guidance contained in this document.

Additional information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/check-how-to-return-to-work-safely.

We've completed a detailed Covid-19 risk assessment that our team have been briefed on which is available to view here on our website. We've also completed the 5 steps to ensure we can certify ourselves as 'Covid-secure'.

Although we're 'back at work', things aren't quite back to normal. There are some things you should be aware of as we work towards getting back to how things were which we've detailed below.

Visitors and Client Meetings

For the time being, we will not be hosting client meetings in our studio. These will continue to be hosted on Zoom or an equivalent online meeting service.

Visits will be by appointment only, and in most cases, deferred to a Zoom meeting or phone call where appropriate.

Visitors will be asked to sign a register that includes their contact phone number and the time of their visit to support the Government's Track and Trace effort.

Working Remotely

While the studio is open for everyone in our team (we have sufficient space for social distancing), it won't automatically be the case that everyone is studio-based every day. This will inevitably put some constraints on communication, so please bear with us as we respond to any support requests or phone calls.